Medicines Administration for Pharmacists

Hibernian Healthcare Administration of Medicines Training

The training course has launched and bookings are available at the following link

Please use the following link to view the updated PSI training requirements for the 2021/2022 season:

The Pricing breakdown for the training is

  • Administration of Medicines €380
  • CPR €100

Places are filling rapidly. Should there be sufficient demand, more course may be added.

Hibernian Healthcare is delighted to offer the Administration of Medicines training programme to pharmacists for 2021.

The techniques covered in this highly practical full day session include:

  • Sub-cutaneous injection
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Injecting with a pre-filled device
  • Drawing up from an ampule
  • Reconstituting medication and drawing up from a vial
  • Different injection sites  – deltoid, abdomen, vastus lateralis
  • Injecting adults
  • Injecting children

Learning these new techniques will equip you to administer the proposed new vaccines but also to “future proof” your skills in the wider area of medicines administration

Current Training Dates Available

Please check the below link to view available courses.

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